Month: February 2018

Origin EVO15-S review: thin and light gaming powerhouse

Here’s the issue with gaming laptops: they’re never as powerful or convenient as they should be. In order to make a laptop suitable for gaming, PC makers sacrifice every positive quality of a good laptop: battery life, cooling, familiar controls. Doing so lets them fit powerful graphics cards inside a portable chassis. Nvidia’s Max-Q program seems to be the answer […]

BlackBerry Motion review: moving backwards

The defining characteristic of BlackBerry smartphones is that they have physical keyboards with lots of little buttons that you can peck at with your fingers to write a message, compose an email, or perform a Google search. Not every BlackBerry phone has one of these keyboards, but the only ones that anyone remembers do. The new BlackBerry Motion, which was […]

Essential’s $99 USB-C earphones are no salvation from the missing headphone jack

Dear phone industry, you screwed up. I’ve followed you as a loyal fan for decades. I’ve admired and supported you. But this whole mess of removing headphone jacks from phones before the technology has caught up to make those jacks unnecessary has been a massive pain in the neck for a great many people. The latest candidate to try and […]

Artist Daniel Canogar visualizes real-time environmental shifts with LED sculptures

It sometimes seems like technology is at odds with the art world — a tension between brain and heart. But plenty of artists, from Da Vinci to Cory Arcangel, have proved that’s not true, and continue to prove it as technology evolves. In Technographica, we explore how contemporary artists are using technology in unusual and unexpected ways. In his latest […]

McLaren’s new million-dollar hypercar looks like a giant Matchbox toy

There are things we don’t know about the McLaren Senna, the newest $1 million hypercar to come out of the British marque’s design studio. We don’t have a 0-60 time, or a top speed. And we don’t know exactly when the 500 being made will hit the road. Those details will be shared when the car is shown off in […]

Hawaii’s missile alert interface had a one-word difference between sending a test alert and a real one

After the false missile alert in Hawaii on Saturday morning, a new image from government officials reveals how confusing the alert system is. Instead of pressing a button, operators of the alert system have to select a link on a list of choices with obscure names like “1. Test Message.” The option that the employee mistakenly clicked on was “PACOM […]