Month: July 2017

Assassin’s Creed Origins trailer, release date, news and features

Update: Assassin’s Creed Origins’ release date is closer than ever and as you’d expect more details are emerging. In a recent interview with Gaming Bolt, the game’s lead director Ashraf Ismail discussed the new protagonist Bayek and his ties to the Egyptian setting.  In the interview, Ismail revealed that Bayek is one of an ancient line of warriors known as […]

You can fit over 10,000 DVDs on this new 50TB SSD

There’s been another huge SSD unleashed onto the world, and while it’s not quite as big as Seagate’s monster 60TB solid-state drive which was revealed last summer, this effort from Viking comes close at a whopping 50TB – and it’s shipping now (whereas Seagate’s offering isn’t yet). Viking’s new UHC-Silo SSD is a 3.5-inch drive with a SAS interface (Serial […]

Working 3D printed hearts are now reality (but you wont get one any time soon)

A team from the ETH university in Zurich has managed to create a soft silicone heart that pumps in a way similar to its organic counterpart. This could one day lead to a working replacement to this most vital organ. The heart is an incredibly complex muscle. With its numerous chambers, pumps and valves, it is notoriously difficult to engineer […]

Always read tech terms and conditions (or you could end up cleaning toilets)

When was the last time you read a terms and conditions document in its entirety? In fact, have you ever? You may want to start setting aside the time to do it, given an ingenious ploy by the UK’s free Wi-Fi hotspot provider Purple. 22,000 people signed up to use its internet service…only to find themselves legally bound to 1,000 […]

Elari NanoPhone C is an ultra-compact, ‘anti-smartphone’ GSM mobile

Delhi based e-commerce platform Yerha today announced the India launch of world’s smallest GSM phone from Russian company Elari, called the NanoPhone C. As expected, it is a feature phone that is aimed to be “the perfect choice for smartphone users who wish to maintain an active lifestyle having the opportunity to completely disconnect, while staying reachable and retaining other […]

Nintendo Switch finally gets its first video app in Japan

Since before the console was released users have been clamoring for video streaming services to make their way to the Nintendo Switch. Now the console has finally received its first such app, although it’s unlikely to be one that many western users will have used, or even have heard of. The service itself is called Niconico, and it’s a Japanese […]

Facebook Messenger is introducing adverts

Facebook Messenger has announced that it’s bringing advertisements into its hugely successful messaging platform. It’s been trialing the ads as a feature in Australia and Thailand, and off the back of these “promising tests” is expanding worldwide. But if you’re worried that the ads are going to pop up in the middle of your chats, don’t worry – it’s not […]

Microsoft’s new accessibility app is a huge step for AI

Microsoft’s Seeing AI app for iOS might be its most ambitious yet. Building off of the incredible smart glasses concept shown off at Build 2016 that narrated the world’s happenings for low-vision individuals, this app brings that same power to iPhones starting today. Seeing AI utilizes the rear facing camera to detect a rather wide variety of visuals in proximity […]