Hawaii’s missile alert interface had a one-word difference between sending a test alert and a real one

After the false missile alert in Hawaii on Saturday morning, a new image from government officials reveals how confusing the alert system is. Instead of pressing a button, operators of the alert system have to select a link on a list of choices with obscure names like “1. Test Message.” The option that the employee mistakenly clicked on was “PACOM […]

Chinese farmers are using AI to help rear the world’s biggest pig population

It’s been called China’s “pork miracle.” For centuries, pig-rearing in the country was predominantly a backyard occupation. (The etymology of the Chinese character for “home” literally means “house with a pig in it.”) But since the 1980s, China has swiftly modernized its pork industry to meet the demands of a newly-rich middle class. Now, half of the world’s pigs — […]

Intel’s new graphics drivers automatically optimize game settings

Intel is introducing a new feature for its processors with integrated graphics, allowing games to be automatically optimized on systems. The feature is similar to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, an application that’s designed to tweak game settings so they work best on a laptop or PC. Intel’s new graphics control software is particularly useful on laptops that aren’t really designed to […]

Blippar’s newest AR feature recognizes famous landmarks

Can augmented reality startups stay alive even with Apple and Google creating their own AR platforms for millions of mobile devices? Blippar seems to think so. The London-based startup continues to work on its own AR engine, and it just released a new computer vision feature that it says will tag well-known physical landmarks. Blippar’s new Landmark Recognition Feature will […]

This neckband records 360-degree video from your point of view

When I first saw the Fitt360, all I could think of was how ridiculous it looked: it’s a lot like one of those chunky wireless earbud bands, except instead of having built-in headphones, it has three built-in cameras — arguably even worse, if we’re to take any privacy lessons from Google Glass. But after wearing a demo unit and watching […]

Hasselblad X1D review: 50 million astonishing pixels

There’s a class of cameras designed almost exclusively for studio use. Expensive, hulking things, they live their lives on tripods, churning out exquisite portraits and other specialist photography for truly committed professionals. Hasselblad makes such cameras, and its flagship H6D is an archetypal example, costing $33,000 without a lens, but producing epic 100-megapixel shots. It’s those grand extremes of resolution, […]